MX50016 1.6mm
MX50020 2.0mm
MX50023 2.3mm
MX50025 2.5mm
MX50027 2.7mm
MX50031 3.1mm
MX50035 3.5mm/3.2mm
MX50039 3.9mm
MX50045 4.5mm

A high quality, adjustable aiming device for pre-drilling and pin placement. While commonly used for coxofemoral luxation repair with the toggle pin method, this instrument can also be used for many other applications including: lag screw repair of condylar fractures, placement of calcaneo-tibial screws for repair of Achilles tendons, and lag screw fixation of femoral neck fractures. A variety of screw-in-place drill guides are available to support many drill bit diameters. One single-hole drill guide of your choice is included with the purchase of the Universal Aiming Device.


SKU MX50010-PA
Brand IMEX