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ALICAM is an easy to administer imaging capsule

Once swallowed ALICAM moves through the gastro-intestinal tract capturing thousands of panoramic images as it goes.

Requiring no additional in-house equipment, or training, ALICAM can be used by any veterinarian to accurately diagnose GI disease.

The study of high-definition 360° time stamped diagnostic images will be interpreted by a board certified internal medicine specialist.

Specific uses for ALICAM include confirming or ruling out GI bleeding, in the workup for chronic vomiting or diarrhoea, protein losing enteropathies, unexplained weight loss. ALICAM can be used in cases when sedation or anaesthesia pose an inherent risk.

Examples of pathology detected by ALICAM:


Gastric haemorrhage

Dilated Lacteals

Intestinal Erosions

ALICAM process in four brilliantly simple steps

The ALICAM capsule is administered to the dog. Once the capsule is swallowed it will travel through the GI tract. The dog can remain fully active.  

3-5 high-definition 360° panoramic images are taken every second detecting and recording areas of concern. 

Once the capsule has been passed it is recovered and returned to Fourlimb where the images are downloaded. 

A detailed medical report with treatment recommendations is  prepared for the treating veterinarian.

For dog owners

World-class care for the ones you care about. When your dog can’t tell you what’s wrong, don’t you wish you could just take a look inside and see for yourself? ALICAM is a revolutionary device that provides valuable insights into your dog’s digestive health. ALICAM can usually be administered without sedation or even a hospital stay, simply swallows a vitamin-size capsule, which allows your veterinarian to see images of its entire gastrointestinal (GI) tract.


If you are interested in purchasing an ALICAM or would like any further information please contact Fourlimb Surgical Solutions via the details below.


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