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Catherine Woodcock VN/Dip ECC/RVN
Veterinary Liaison Manager

We are pleased to introduce Catherine as Fourlimb’s first Veterinary Liaison Manager and, being based south of Sydney, also our first Eastern States staff member.

Catherine started her veterinary career as a Vet Nurse on the south coast of NSW in a mixed practice. There she learnt much about animals large and small, although she has always had a love of animals growing up with chickens, rabbits and the neighbour’s cat who would often visit. Her true love, however, came in the form of a puppy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for her 18th birthday. Since that day she has devoted her life to nursing the many sick and injured animals that came through the clinics’ doors.

Throughout her career she has worked with some of Australia’s top Veterinary Specialists and cared for hundreds of precious furry friends. Her passion has always been surgery and she has spent most of her nursing career in Sydney in various specialist hospitals including the Sydney University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. In 2019 she took her passion overseas and worked in the UK at Fitzpatrick Referrals. She returned to Sydney just in time to miss the first COVID lockdown.

After more than 13 years of clinical nursing, Catherine has decided to use her experience in a different capacity by joining the team at Fourlimb. Her aim is to assist and support Veterinary Surgeons to perform at their best to help optimise outcomes for their patients.

Catherine currently enjoys coastal living with her Cavoodle Basil. They love beach walks, family time and soaking in the natural beauty of the local area.