Acrylx ESF Acrylic System

Acrylx™ is a methacrylate based composite resin designed to simplify construction of pin and acrylic external fixators on toy breeds, avian, feline, exotics and mandibular fractures. Unlike other commonly used products, Acrylx™ has minimal odor and does not require pre-mixing before application. Acrylx™ is near-radiolucent while providing abrasion resistance and high strength. 

Two resin components are supplied in a single divided cartridge and applied using a custom applicator gun. The resin components are blended as they pass through disposable mixing tips for a clean and quick delivery.

To simplify application of pin and acrylic ESF frames, IMEX® also supplies 6mm (maximum pin diameter is 1.1mm (0.045")) and 10mm  (maximum pin diameter is 2.0mm (5/64")) corrugated tubing that are commonly used on the small and toy patients appropriate for Acrylx™. In addition, different mixing tip diameters are available as well as adapter plugs to keep application clean and neat.

IMEX® also provides miniature Interface® and Centerface® pins in a variety of sizes suited to avian, exotic, feline and toy breeds. These pins have been used for years with pin and acrylic fixators as well as miniature SK® mechanical components. Acrylx™ is guaranteed to simplify application of pin and acrylic frames to small patients.


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