Circular External Skeletal Fixation

Most veterinary surgeons are acquainted with the Ilizarov method of circular external skeletal fixation for limb lengthening and correction of angular limb deformities. While circular external skeletal fixators have been of great interest to the veterinary surgeon, devices available to date have been too expensive or poorly designed. In addition, most circular fixators have been very difficult to manage on an out-patient basis.

The goal of the IMEX® Circular External Skeletal Fixation System is to provide the veterinary surgeon with a functional and affordable circular external skeletal fixator that meets the following criteria:

Mechanically and biologically sound
Affordable and available
Relatively easy application and adjustment
Minimal required instrumentation
Applicable to fracture management and limb deformities
Most importantly, a system designed for out-patient limb lengthening and correction of growth deformities must be designed to simplify daily out-patient manipulations to the degree required to ensure accurate daily corrections with minimal patient morbidity.

Developed in conjunction with a group of veterinary surgeons, bioengineers, and M.D.s at a leading research center, the IMEX® Circular ESF System meets the criteria. Daily manipulations are performed around a patented (U.S. Patent # 5,968,043) Zero Tolerance/Zero Motion system that is patient- and owner-friendly. The IMEX® Circular External Skeletal Fixation System is designed to be compatible with the SK® ESF System by IMEX®, thus providing a simple, cost-effective method of hybrid frame construction.

Successful application of the circular ESF method requires training and experience. However, once well-versed with the system, surgeons will realize tremendous biological and mechanical control over many limb deformity and fracture scenarios.

Mechanical attributes and user friendliness have made the IMEX® Circular ESF System a popular choice among private referral surgeons and academic institutes worldwide.

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