External Fixation Pins

IMEX® Veterinary, Inc. was founded in 1990 with the mission of providing veterinary surgeons with premium, affordable external skeletal fixation pin technology. IMEX® was the first company to supply positive profile ESF pins in three sizes for use with the then popular KE device. Since 1990, IMEX® has increased pin diameter selection, added pin length choices, and provided thread form choices unmatched by others. No other company offers a selection of veterinary ESF pins as extensive as IMEX®.

IMEX® Duraface® half-pins represent the first major ESF pin improvement in veterinary surgery in more than 20 years. This patent pending technology from IMEX® is available at the same cost as our award winning Interface® fixation pins that have proven themselves for over two decades in the hands of skilled veterinarians. Duraface® half-pins offer increased stiffness, increased strength and longer cyclic fatigue life without an increase in pin tract diameter in the corresponding bone. Drill bits and drill sleeves required for use are the same as those with positive profile pins allowing the surgeon to utilize this new ESF pin technology today.

While our product line includes a variety of veterinary orthopedic products: K-wires, cerclage wire, toggle pins, Steinmann intramedullary pins, suture anchors, toggle pins, orthopedic washers, drill bits, circular external fixation devices and other veterinary orthopedic supplies, IMEX® has not lost focus on our original goal of being the leader in external fixation pin technology.

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