SK Linear ESF System

The SK® ESF System was designed to simplify the application and management of external skeletal fixators. The SK® ESF clamp supports use of positive-thread pins directly through the primary pin-gripping bolt, allows the surgeon to easily add a fixation clamp after the fact as needed, and provides the freedom to utilize a large variety of fixation pin diameters and styles. In addition, the SK® ESF System supports sleeved pre-drilling and targeting of fixation pins.

Traditional KE frames and new KE-like frames typically depend on complex frame geometries, connecting rod augmentation, and/or multiple full-pins to achieve adequate frame strength. In contrast, the SK® ESF System features dramatically improved connecting rods that make the use of simpler frames a clinical reality. The SK® ESF System dramatically changed standard concepts of veterinary ESF by placing less emphasis on full-pins and frame complexity while promoting biological technique and safe pin corridor philosophy to reduce patient morbidity. By-products of simple frame constructs include economy of hardware, reduced operative time, and less required instrumentation. The SK® ESF System is available in three sizes: mini, small, and large.

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