Suture Anchors

Often termed tissue anchors or bone anchors, these implants are practical alternatives to bone tunnels, screw-washer combinations, and other methods of attaching soft tissue to bone. Anchors are easy to use in locations where bone tunnels are not readily placed and represent a smaller profile than screw/washer combinations. Developed in conjunction with several referral surgical facilities, these anchors and related suture materials should be considered temporary fixation devices that allow tissue to heal to its original location, protect primary soft tissue repairs during the early phases of healing, or facilitate the formation of fibrous tissue to assist in maintaining joint stability. Suture anchors are threaded implants designed to maximize implant/bone interface by being screwed into bone. Pre-drilling is required; however, the anchors are self-tapping.

Other methods of anchoring suture to bone include toggle pins and suture buttons.  Although listed under the toggle pin method, these implants find uses other than hip luxation.

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