Interface® NP (No-Point) fixation half-pins lack the sharp trocar point found on standard Interface® pins. Pre-drilling is required for pin placement. As with application of any ESF pin, attention should be given to proper pin alignment with the pre-drilled hole. Use of the SK® ESF clamp’s secondary bolt will keep the clamp and drill hole oriented. In addition, liberal soft tissue release and retraction will simplify pin placement by allowing visualization.

The blunt trocar reduces the opportunity for morbidity created by a sharp point remaining in soft tissue. This truncated trocar pin is also safer for the operating surgeon.  The lack of a sharp point makes this pin less expensive than a full trocar pointed Interface® pin. Lengths, diameters, and recommended drill bits are common with standard Interface® pins.

Standard length pins are used in the majority of applications while extended length pins are occasionally used when additional thread length is needed to span areas of larger bone diameter. 

Implant Quality 316LVM Stainless Steel.

Part numbers ending with "L" indicate extended length pins.


Brand IMEX