VetKISS Micro Plating System

The VetKISS™ micro plating system represents the world’s smallest, clinically tested veterinary locking plate system. The KISS approach (Keep It Simple Surgeon) defined the development of this user-friendly and cost-effective osteosynthesis system. 

VetKISS™ is appropriate for a variety of feline, toy breed, and exotic patients, as well as metacarpal and metatarsal fractures in larger patients.  

  • Available in 3 sizes: 1.0 mm, 1.4 mm, and 1.6 mm
  • Symmetrical design allows for use as a left- or right-handed plate
  • Cut-to-length plates minimize inventory requirements
  • Common instrumentation across all sets reduces capital cost

Developed in conjunction with Switzerland based RISystem, AG, the world leader in micro implants for research and refined with feedback from IMEX’s beta users. 

Patent Pending

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