Trocar/Trocar Smooth pins feature a trocar point on each end of a smooth pin. 316LVM implant stainless steel. 1018L and 1053L "long" versions are commonly utilized as a tie-in with external skeletal fixators.
Implant Quality 316LVM Stainless Steel.
Part numbers ending with "L" indicate extended length pins.
Part numbers ending with "S" indicate reduced length pins.

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MX10116 1.6mm 230mm 1/16" x 9"
MX10564 2.0mm 230mm 5/64" x 9"
MX10332 2.4mm 230mm 3/32" x 9"
MX10764 2.8mm 230mm 7/64" x 9"
MX10180 3.2mm 230mm 1/8" x 9"
MX1018L 3.2mm 305mm 1/8" x 12"
MX10964 3.5mm 230mm 9/64" x 9"
MX10532 4.0mm 230mm 5/32" x 9"
MX1053L 4.0mm 305mm 5/32" x 12"
MX1031S 4.8mm 230mm 3/16" x 9"
MX10316 4.8mm 305mm 3/16" x 12"
MX1014S 6.3mm 230mm 1/4" x 9"
MX10140 6.3mm 305mm 1/4" x 12"
SKU MX10000-PA
Brand IMEX