Jackson Pratt (JP) Drains + Reservoirs

Our closed suction Jackson Pratt (JP) drains are specifically tailored for veterinary use. The JP drain kit consists of a silicon internal drain, connecting to a grenade style reservoir.
Low negative pressure draws exudate from the wound, aiding healing by eliminating fluid accumulation in surgical site dead space. The closed system helps to prevent environmental contaminants from entering a surgical site that is being drained. The silicone drain provides biocompatibility and delivers low tissue responses to the wound, which minimises tissue trauma and optimises animal comfort.

The JP drains and reservoirs are single use sterile products that come as a kit or separately.


  • Has a two-piece design 
  • Implanted segment is a flat, white, perforated drain with inner lumen ribbing to help prevent drain collapse and clogging and help preserve drain patency.
  • Round connecting tube is transparent to allow visual inspection with a kink-resistant structure to help minimise clogging for effective exudate drainage
  • A smooth tapered connection along with the heat-polished perforations allows for easy removal whilst minimizing trauma.
  • Indicator dot for drain placement and radiopaque for x-ray detection



The 7mm Jackson Pratt Drain also comes with an optional Trocar. The Trocar is a 3-facet surgically sharp introducer which is securely connected to the wound drain and used to insert the surgical wound. Once the wound drain is positioned, the Trochar is removed and the wound drain is connected to the reservoir.


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IMJPD00050 Jackson Pratt Drain 5mm 5mm 2.5mm 510mm 100cc
IMJPD00070 Jackson Pratt Drain 7mm  7mm 3.2mm 510mm 100cc
IMJPD00100 Jackson Pratt Drain 10mm 10mm 3.9mm 1050mm 100cc
IMJPD00130 Jackson Pratt Drain 13mm 13mm 5.1mm 1050mm 100cc