Jetox™ is a single-use hydro debridement system, using oxygen and saline to quickly and efficiently clean and debride wounds.

The system comprises an easy-to-control handheld wand, with a silicone splash protector, connected to any source of compressed oxygen, and to a source of irrigation fluid such as saline.

Using minimal volumes of saline, Jetox generates a cool and gentle sub-sonic jet, to both lavage and mechanically debride wounds with minimal discomfort to the patient and without the mess of traditional methods. 


Proper cleansing and the removal of non-viable tissue is the first and most important step in wound healing. 

Wound infection, and debris are important impediments to normal wound healing. Wound lavage can effectively reduce bioburden along with removal of cellular debris, exudate, and residue from wound care products. Additionally, debridement, with the application of a mechanical force or chemicals is often also necessary remove any adherent necrotic or poorly healed tissue, eschar, and foreign material from a wound. 


Jetox’s unique proprietary jet stream technology, delivers targeted micro-droplets of oxygen-rich saline solution (5-100 microns accelerated up to 200 meters per second) effectively removing biofilm and helping to decrease the bacterial load.

Wound irrigation is most effective at pressures between 5 and 10 psi. Pressures below 4 psi have been shown to be ineffective at removing surface pathogens and debris. Pressures above 15 psi have been noted to cause wound trauma and potentially drive bacteria into the wound. 

Jetox™ uses the universally available oxygen supply already present in every clinic. Lavage pressures are easily controlled by regulating oxygen flow rates. For example O2 flow rates of 11L/min and 13L/min, to produce lavage pressures of 6 and 9 psi respectively. The use of a needle and syringe to flush a wound can produce pressures of between 25-40psi.

Jetox uses relatively minimal volumes (1.5mls/min) of saline (or Prontosan). As little is 50mls of saline is required to clean most wounds. 


Jetox™ can be used to decontaminate acute traumatic wounds preparing them for the next stage of treatment and in the management of chronic wounds.

The inexpensive disposable device, supersedes other systems which are more complicated to operate and replaces more expensive methods of debridement. 

The unique Jetox™ system, quickly and effectively cleans and debrides wounds with minimal discomfort.

Achieve outstanding results with fast simple setup and minimal clean-up required.