MX2.25500 50mm Linear Distraction Motor 10mm Standard
MX2.25700 70mm Linear Distraction Motor 10mm Standard
MX2.25100 100mm Linear Distraction Motor 10mm Standard

Linear distraction motors are the simplest method of constructing CESF frames for limb lengthening and are designed to simplify daily patient management. Capable of being swapped-out in sequence to maintain frame integrity over long distractions. Zero Tolerance/Zero Motion design helps ensure owner compliance and patient comfort. Not available for the mini CESF system. (U.S. Patent #5,968,043)

  • Thread pitch = 1.0mm
  • Stainless bodies and threaded rod with nylon drive bushings
  • 3mm hex drive recess and 10mm wrench flats
  • Drive face clearly marked to indicate 1/4 revolutions as well as distraction/compression direction


SKU MX2.25000-PA
Brand IMEX