MX29200 Mini TPLO Jig 61mm Stainless Steel
MX29216 1.6mm Mini TPLO Jig Limb (optional) Stainless Steel

This mini TPLO jig provides the reduction in size and weight needed to perform accurate osteotomies in small patients where mini TPLO plates are used; a must for surgeons performing TPLOs on small and toy breeds.

Screw-in aiming bars feature knurled shaft ends for ease of placement while simplifying use. Preassembled with 2.0mm jig limbs to support use of 2.0mm temporary SCAT™ TPLO jig pins.

An optional, dedicated 1.6mm jig limb supports use of 1.6mm diameter jig pins and is easily swapped with the 2.0mm jig limb. 

Stainless 2.0mm Allen driver included with purchase. Set screw included.



SKU MX29200-PA
Brand IMEX