These small pins are K-wire size versions of our popular Interface® fixation half-pins. Commonly used with acrylic fixators and mini SK® ESF clamps on toy breeds, kittens, avian patients and small exotic pets. These pins have trocar points on both the smooth and threaded ends. The central area of the pin shaft is factory-roughened to enhance the interface between the acrylic frame and pin. This central area is not a thread, and attempts to use this implant as a full-pin are contraindicated.  Nomenclature is based on the smooth shaft diameter. 
Part number 03094 has the same 2.4mm shaft as the 2.0/2.5mm Interface® fixation half-pin but has a smaller thread profile. This pin is less frequently used with long bone fractures but finds more routine use with acrylic and pin ESF frames applied to mandibular fractures. The 2.9mm thread diameter will not traverse the 2.5mm mini SK® clamp bolt.
Pre-drilling for a 0.9mm miniature Interface® pin is complicated by the absence of a well-defined and optimal drill bit diameter. Alternatively, one may pre-drill with 0.7mm (0.028”) K-wire. When pre-drilling with K-wires, remember to drill at a low RPM to avoid excess heat generation. K-wires dull rapidly and repeated use should be limited to 2 or 3 holes per point.

Sold in packages of 6 except part number 03094.
Implant Quality 316LVM Stainless Steel. 

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MX03035 0.9mm / 1.1mm 0.035" / 0.045" 12mm 75mm 6
MX03045 1.1mm / 1.4mm 0.045" / 0.056" 1.1mm 12mm 75mm 6
MX03062 1.6mm / 1.9mm 0.062" / 0.075" 1.5mm 12mm 75mm 6
MX03078 2.0mm / 2.3mm 5/64" / 0.091" 1.5mm 15mm 75mm 6
MX03094 2.4mm / 2.9mm 3/32" / 0.114" 2.0mm 17mm 75mm 1
SKU MX03000-PA
Brand IMEX