Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) can help close almost any wound!

Negative pressure or vacuum assisted wound closure is a non-invasive, active wound management therapy. Applications include acute and chronic wounds, traumatic injuries including deglovings, surgical sites including grafts and dehiscence, and severe infections. 

Open cell sterile foam is cut to the shape of the wound, covered with an adherent drap, and connected to the vacuum unit via a tubing and collection canister to form a closed system. Sub-atmospheric pressure applies a controlled suction force uniformly to the tissues of the wound.   

Beneficial effects include improved circulation, enhancing proliferation of granulation tissue, removal of extra vascular fluid, reduction of bacteria burden and enhanced survival of skin flaps compared to conventional bandaging. 

The NPWT PRO is a cutting-edge device ideally suited to veterinary market. Simple to use, with the ability to vary the prescribed negative pressure up to 150mm Hg and use continuous or intermittant pressure settings, and simultaneously lavage the wound if required. The NPWT PRO device is a light, durable, semi disposable device lasting 1000hrs with no servicing and can be used on multiple patients - using only as required.  

The Starter Pack includes PRO unit, canisters, dressings, and drapes. Additional dressings including bridging kits and lavage kits are available. 

Additional Features 

Patented Foam Dressings - ensures no fraying when cut

Heat activated drapes - forming stronger seals with less leaks 

Large bore collection tubing - prevents occlusions

Intermittant mode - maintains pressure at -25 mm Hg during the “OFF” state to prevent loss of dressing seal and increase patient comfort

Flexibility - the device can be placed on a table, attached to an IV pole using the IV pole adaptor or harnessed to the patient

Single Patient Use Canisters - contains gel to solidify the fluids contained within it with no fear of spillage

Long Lasting – Quick Charging Battery - An internal battery provides up to 24 hours of operation from a single full-charge. 

Automated alarms - (both visual and audible) for leak, low pressure, full canister and low battery




Brand Cardinal Health
Shipping Width 0.270m
Shipping Height 0.215m
Shipping Length 0.330m
Shipping Cubic 0.019156500m3