Neurological conditions affect the brain, spinal cord and neuromuscular system and often involve highly complex surgical procedures to give the patient an acceptable quality of life. Successful surgery calls for an exceptionally skilled surgeon, equipped with the very best tools for the job.

As a company that puts patient care, veterinary support, highest quality instrumentation and unequalled service as core values, we knew that this wasn’t being offered in the neurosurgery industry. As a result, Neuromed was born.

Infiniti Medical

The neuromed product range includes a hand picked selection of essential instrumentation, innovating lighting solutions, loupes and of course the SOP system. But neuromed is not just ablut products, we intend to build on our history of support with surgery courses and online resources. Follow the links below to view and download the product catalogue, or to the online learning academy where we intend to grow a series of online presentations.


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