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Workshop participants will have the opportunity to carry out procedures on plastic models, under the instruction of highly regarded tutors


  RidgeStop™ for Patella Luxation

       Orthofoam™ MMP Wedge for TTA 
RidgeStop™ - a novel surgical technique for treatment of patella luxation.


This simple, affordable alternative to sulcoplasty surgery that can be used alone, as the sole treatment for patella luxation, or as an adjunct to re-alignment operations.

The course is in two parts: a lecture based overview of the pathogenesis and treatment selection in patella luxation and a review of current surgical treatment options. This will be followed by an introduction to RidgeStop™, its application and case presentations, before a practical session where delegates will learn to use the RidgeStop™ instrumentation and implants on a synthetic bone model of a stifle.


  • Quick and simple procedure
  • Minimally traumatic
  • Consistent ridge height achieved
  • Effective barrier enables patella tracking
  • Reversible procedure


  • Overview of patella luxation pathophysiology
  • Diagnosis and current surgical treatments for patella luxation
  • Classifying the degree of luxation and associated deformitie
  • The development and rationale of RidgeStop™
  • The RidgeStop™ procedure
  • Dry bone practical session

Learning Objectives

  • The aims of sulcoplasty
  • Treatment selection in patella luxation
  • The concept of RidgeStop™
  • Complete confidence to carry out RidgeStop™ procedure

The Modified Maquet Procedure (MMP) is an evolution of the TTA procedure for treatment of lameness due to cranial cruciate failure.

MMP Introduction:
Lecture based introduction covering the development of the technique, implants and associated instrumentation, review of surgical technique and clinical outcomes will be described, animations and video support material will also be used.

MMP Practical:
Practical session with demonstration of implants and instrumentation, followed by delegates each performing the surgery on synthetic bone models of the stifle. 

MMP Extra:
Decision making with MMP will be covered in detail. This session will be open to current MMP users to attend at no charge. Planning update, staple update, specific breed considerations, avoiding and managing complications, managing concurrent disease, questions, take MMP to the next level.


  • Titanium, porous wedge replaces existing TTA systems
  • Open-pore titanium encourages bone growth
  • Simplified procedure
  • 20 – 25 minute surgical time with short convalescence
  • Can be used on small, large and giant breed


  • Biomechanics and theoretical foundations of TTA’s
  • An introduction to MMP and OrthoFoam™
  • Advancement of the 90° patella tendon angle - the controversies
  • How to perform an MMP procedure with confidence
  • Clinical experience and publications
  • Dry bone practical session

Learning Objectives

  • Why we’ve developed another cruciate sugery technique
  • Biomechanics and theoretical foundations of MMP
  • Case selection for MMP
  • Ability to perform MMP procedure


 Malcolm Ness BVetMed, CertSAO, DipECVS, FRCVS and European Specialist in Surgery

Malcolm Ness is recognised globally as a specialist in small animal surgery by RCVS and ECVS. With hundreds of presentations made across the globe as an invited speaker, Dr Ness also has; over 20 first author papers in veterinary peer reviewed journals, commissioned editorials and numerous commissioned articles in open access veterinary and lay magazines and periodicals. His clinical interests include most aspects of orthopaedic and spinal surgery and Dr Ness is actively engaged in the research and development of novel implants and orthopaedic surgical techniques.

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