Sharp Tip - Trocar Catheters

Argyle™ Trocar Catheters are sterile, single use, disposable devices that consist of a surgically sharp trocar and a clear polyvinyl chloride (PVC) thoracic catheter. Trocar catheters are primarily used for closed chest tube thoracostomies. The thoracic catheter features numerical depth marks at 2cm increments for easy and precise positioning. Clear thermosensitive PVC catheter provides easy visualization of drainage characteristics. The catheter is packaged over precision aluminium trocar and is ready for insertion. The surgically sharp trocar tip allows for quick, precise insertion. A radiopaque sentinel line permits location verification by x-ray. The funnel end aids in securing a leak-free connection to the patient tubing. Rigid tube packaging protects the product during storage and allows for easy introduction into the sterile field. 


Brand Covidien