MX407.050 6.3mm 50mm 6mm Small SK® Titanium
MX407.075 6.3mm 75mm 6mm (included w/small) Small SK® Titanium
MX407.100 6.3mm 100mm 6mm (included w/small) Small SK® Titanium
MX407.150 6.3mm 150mm 6mm Small SK® Titanium
MX407.200 6.3mm 200mm 6mm Small SK® Titanium
MX407.250 6.3mm 250mm 6mm Small SK® Titanium
MX530.075 9.5mm 75mm 8mm Large SK® Titanium
MX530.100 9.5mm 100mm 8mm (included w/large) Large SK® Titanium
MX530.150 9.5mm 150mm 8mm (included w/large) Large SK® Titanium
MX530.200 9.5mm 200mm 8mm Large SK® Titanium

ROM™ hinges should be reserved for experienced surgeons in challenging situations. Often simpler methods are available such as modified SK® clamps for transarticular frames or modified angular hinges from the CESF system.

ROM™ hinges are modular by design and the hinge rods are easily interchanged to accommodate different limb length and patient anatomy. To change rods, loosen the corresponding nut or nuts and unscrew the rod from its mating hinge pin. This can usually be done by hand but a pair of pliers can be used if needed. Since the hinge pin is held in position by the rod, it must be positioned before screwing in the replacement rod. Rod insertion into the hinge pin can be achieved from one direction only; therefore, it is necessary to seat the hinge pin properly to ensure correct rod insertion.


SKU MX530.100-PA
Brand IMEX