StickTite™ point geometry prevents walking or skidding at initial drilling and is especially beneficial when hole placement is critical and with freehand drilling applications. Compared to other drill bits, StickTite™ bits are designed to drill with minimal forward pressure, be much easier to start, and to drill accurately when not drilling perpendicular to the bone.

If forced into the opposite bone wall, they will engage rapidly with potential for damage to the bit. The sharp cutting geometry will also attempt to cut or grab when hitting screws or pins – resulting in damaged drill bits.  If hitting a pin or screw is likely, it is recommended that standard ESF drill bits be used.

All IMEX® drill bits can be cut shorter if the additional length is not desired. Hardened stainless steel.




MX32020 2.0mm 120mm
MX32023 2.3mm 125mm
MX32025 2.5mm 135mm
MX32027 2.7mm 140mm
MX32031 3.1mm 150mm
MX32035 3.5mm 160mm
MX32035L 3.5mm Long 175mm
MX32039 3.9mm 165mm
MX32062 6.2mm 180mm
SKU MX32000-PA
Brand IMEX