Safety thoracentesis and paracentesis system.

The features of the Turkel™ safety thoracentesis system include a blunt safety cannula, housed within the sharp, bevelled hollow needle and a safety colour change indicator.

  • The spring-loaded blunt safety cannula extends beyond the needle bevel, protecting the underlying tissue from further, inadvertent penetration.
  • The one-way duck bill valve allows air and fluid to escape from the needle yet prevents atmospheric air from entering into the pleural space to prevent accidental pneumothorax during procedure.
  • As the needle moves through the chest wall and into the pleural space, the indicator displays: GREEN – The blunt tip safety cannula is exposed – not cutting; RED – The cutting edge of the needle is exposed – cutting.
  • Automatic ball valve snaps into place occluding the opening of the catheter when the needle is withdrawn.
  • In-line stop cock
  • Polyurethane catheter-over-needle design
  • The 1 cm depth marks on the catheter shaft facilitate assessment of the catheter location during procedure.
  • Multiple side holes in the distal shaft increase the area for drainage.
  • Provides convenient access to drainage assembly while maintaining a closed system.
  • Sterile


A safe alternative to conventional thoracentesis and paracentesis procedures. It is used for:


  • alleviation of pressure on the affected lung or the abdominal cavity.


  • Pleural effusion fluid sample collection for analysis of protein and cytology, blood cell count, glucose, lactate dehydrogenase. 
  • Ascitic fluid sample collection for analysis of protein and cytology, blood cell count, bacterial cultures, protein, trigycerides, bilirubin, glucose, albumin, amylase, lactate dehydrogenase.



Brand Covidien