Multiple Functions and Illumination in a Single, Handheld Device

LightMat™ and VersaLight™offer greater versatility and efficiency over traditional surgical illumination. Easy to use and can quickly adaptable to existing operating equipment for any surgical procedure.


Four-in-one: VersaLight is is a multipurpose handpiece combining four tools in one:
iIllumination, irrigation, suction, and moderate retraction. 

Cooly Focused: Using patented fibreoptic technology VersaLight provides cool white light, directly where you need it to maximise visualistion in smaller cavities. 

Varieties: Versalight is available in a variety of sizes and specifications including with or without an extended 12 French Frazier tips. Three connections at the bottom of the instrument along with integrated tubing allow it to connect to connect to exisiting equipment for easy integration into the operating room. 







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