MX701004 4 mm 1.8mm 0.8mm
MX701005 5 mm 1.8mm 0.8mm
MX701006 6 mm 1.8mm 0.8mm
MX701007 7 mm 1.8mm 0.8mm
MX701008 8 mm 1.8mm 0.8mm
MX701010 10 mm 1.8mm 0.8mm

VetKISS™ screws share a common 3.0 mm shaft that utilizes a single, precision driver across all screw diameters (1.0, 1.4, and 1.6 mm). Once locked, VetKISS™ screws should be rocked to and fro along the long axis of the plate as to remove shafts leaving the hex screw head in place. Screws can be removed using the appropriately sized hex driver. Most surgeons will install three or more screws to maintain reduction and stability before removing screw shafts. 316LVM 

Required for 1.0 mm screws: 1.8 mm hex driver and 0.8 mm drill bit


SKU MX701000-PA
Brand IMEX