Fourlimb Philosophy






We understand that your career as a veterinarian is peppered with highs and lows, more so than many occupations. At Fourlimb we know your responsibilities and strive everyday to make them that bit easier. 

One of the highs, no doubt, is that moment when you reunite your patient with their owner after surgery. That brief moment at reunion of joy and relief is, in many ways, the culmination of all your study, professional development and skills gained through experience. 

However, we know it doesn’t happen by accident and at Fourlimb we want to be there to support you at every stage from the confident diagnosis and planning the surgery to the follow-up and returning your patient to pain-free normal function. 

Over the past nine years we’ve forged partnerships with several international veterinary manufacturers to bring you not only their products, but the knowledge that goes with them. This includes facilitating training opportunities as well as ongoing support from leading veterinary specialists.

We continue to expand that range of products but have at our core high quality, reliability and innovation. Our commitment also extends to providing more convenient, less expensive and faster direct product delivery.

At Fourlimb we aim to stand at the forefront and enjoy providing you with unparalleled support and personalised service.




Surgery Wet Labs

Join us in Melbourne this July for ligament & tendon and interlocking nail surgery workshops