Taco and Winnie

Fourlimb Team 

Winnie and Taco

Winnie the whippet and Taco the chihuahua are good buddies belonging to the Menzies family. They take it in turns to visit the Fourlimb office and occasionally compete for coverage on our social media pages. As the younger of the two, Taco exudes fun and enjoys excellent health. He has a very strong den instinct and takes all his found treasures to his beloved bed. He was born with just one dewclaw which our daughter fell in love with and has refused to allow Sebastian to remove.

By contrast, Winnie has a stately cat-like presence and stuns folk with her architectural body shape. She uses ninja stealth to sneak onto couches and beds and refuses to lie on bricks or spikey grass. Unfortunately she has suffered from meningitis-arteritis from an early age. It is a steroid-responsive condition and we figure she has found the right family with Sebastian as her Dad Vet.


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