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Medium Breed Wedge 








Almost 45,000 MMP cases highlighted a missing piece in the puzzle. We’ve now created that missing piece.






Introducing the NEW medium size MMP wedge  



With almost 45,000 cases of cranial cruciate ligament failure treated using MMP (December 2018) and in response to user feedback, we are pleased to announce a medium size MMP OrthoFoam™ Wedge. 

Although dogs of all shapes and sizes have been successfully treated using MMP, there are certain breeds which can be rather more challenging. Staffies, with relatively short tibial tuberosities and Border Collies, with sharply narrowing tibial diaphysis, are both breeds right at the crossover between the Standard MMP wedge (40mm long) and the Small Breed wedge (20mm long).



MMP Medium Wedge<br>


MMP Medium Wedge


• Wedge length: 30mm
• Single size-appropriate advancement: 7.5mm
• Manufactured from chemically pure implant-grade titanium OrthoFoam™
• Ideal for Springer Spaniels, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and similar  



Available Now



MMP-Medium Extension Kit<br>


MMP-Medium Extension Kit


The surgical procedure is unchanged and utilises instruments in the standard MMP kit.
The extension kit includes:

  • a 30mm saw guide and pins
  • a new medium trial wedge
  • two medium wedges, three staples
  • instrument tray

If you're comfortable doing standard breed MMP, with the extension kit you can now confidently apply the procedure to medium breed dogs.




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