The IXOBONE range is designed for use in a broad range of non load bearing osseous defects. Indications include fracture repair, arthrodesis, revision surgery, non-unions, spinal fusion, corrective osteotomy including TTA (within cages).

Advanced manufacturing technology leads to unique specifications

Engineered biomimetic architecture

Next generation synthetic biphasic biomaterial with optimised characteristics, matching the internal structure of healthy animal cancellous bone.

Ideal porosity to strength ratio supports osteoconduction, providing excellent surgical outcomes. Optimised handling with high integral strength and structural cohesion.

Strength: 5.5 to 7.5 MPa
Porosity: 81%
Pore Size: 200 to 800 um
Microporosity: 1-10 um

Granules / blocks / discs / wedges


IXOBONE Paste / Putty
Nanostructured biomimetic materials

Optimized composition of the IXOBONE PASTE allows complete and easy filling of defects, assuring superior contact at the implant interface.

The addition of HA/TCP granules in the IXOBONE PUTTY provides longer term support. The nano HA constituent has a surface area that is 50 to 100 times greater than traditional synthetic bone grafts and encourages rapid vascularization and integration.

The biphasic granule component of the IXOBONE PUTTY is fully interconnected and provides longer term support during bone formation and remodeling phases.

Optimised sticky viscosity allows for complete and easy filling of the defects, and will resist irrigation.

IXOBONE is the veterinary division and a registered trademark of Exabone GmbH

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