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Author: Sebastian   Date Posted:6 February 2024 


ILN Osteosynthesis


What type of osteosynthesis implant construct would you consider for this case? 



If your answer did not include interlocking nail, alongside plate rod, orthogonal plating and ESF then our upcoming webinar might change that view.

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ILN Biomechanics

The biomechanical advantages represented from the use of Interlocking Nails (ILNs) for the repair of long bone fractures has been recognised for over 50 years. While ILN repair is seen as standard in human orthopaedic surgery they are not currently widely used in veterinary orthopaedics.


The intramedullary positioning of the nail, aligned with the neutral anatomical axis of the bone, when interlocked with screws or bolts provides mechanical advantages in compression, flexion and torsion. 


Biological Advantages

Minimally invasive approaches
Preservation of soft tissues
Periosteal blood supply
Early weight bearing 

Image courtesy of Thibaut Cachon





Join us for a webinar discussing ILN’s, specifically looking at the Surg'X ILN system. 

Surg'X ILN is a new generation of locking nail which has been specifically developed to overcome many of the factors which have traditionally limited their usefulness in our veterinary patients.

Pr. Olivier Gauthier and Dr. Thibaut Cachon, who both participated in the development and clinical evaluation of Surg'X ILN system, will share their experience and clinical expertise on the use of interlocking nails.

Dr Thibaut CACHON
DVM, Dipl ECVS, MSc, PhD·Vetagro Sup, Lyon, France
ECVS board-certified in small animal surgery in 2010. Since that time he joined, as a lecturer, the small animal surgical department of the veterinary school of Lyon (VetAgro Sup, France). His main interests are orthopaedic and minimally invasive surgery.





DVM, MSc, PhD·Oniris, Nantes, France
Full Professor of small animal Surgery and Dentistry in the Department of Clinical Sciences of Oniris (Veterinary School of Nantes, France). He also carries out research activities at the University of Nantes, in the field of bone and joint tissue patho-physiology.


Where: Online with Zoom

When: 6:30pm AEDT (Sydney) Thursday 15 February 2024

Who: Veterinary surgeons with an interest in orthopaedics   

Cost: Free to attend 


Register here for
ILN Webinar

Registration for this webinar is free. The format is intended to be interactive with the opportunity to ask questions of this highly experienced panel. A recording will be made available to registrants if you are unable to attend live.

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