Multi-ligament injury of the stifle

Author: Novetech Surgery   Date Posted:16 February 2023 


It is now possible to treat a global stifle disruption without the need of a trans-articular external skeletal fixator thanks to Novalig®. This technique, described by Dr. Philippe Buttin and colleagues at ESVOT 2022, enables an anatomical repair of all torn ligaments and a quick weight-bearing after surgery.

Advantages of this technique

 ✅ Less invasive procedure than the use of transarticular external skeletal fixators (TA-ESF).


✅ Post operative care is reduced to the minimal as compared to a patient with a TA-ESF: less time consuming for the surgeon and the client, less stress for the patient, less visit at the clinic...So many reasons to improve managing these difficult cases!


✅ Light immobilization of the joint for a quicker recovery, reduced damage to the cartilage and muscle mass, reduced discomfort associated with immobilization techniques, and reduced risks of complications related to external fixators and casts.


✅ Anatomical reconstruction of the cranial and caudal cruciate ligaments thanks to the synthetic ligament which allows more stability.


✅ Possibility of using only one synthetic ligament to reconstruct all your ligaments in cats and smaller patients.


✅Novalig® is made of UHMWPE, the strongest suture material available, biocompatible, and non-stretchable. It allows an immediate strong fixation with no risk of suture loosening over time.


✅ It does not rely on knot, making the fixation system more reliable.

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