Soft Tissue Orthopaedics

Author: Sebastian   Date Posted:23 August 2022 


Surgical Solutions for Sprains and Strains


Early, pain free restoration of function is a crucial surgical objective. This is particularly so for surgeries involving ligaments and tendons. Joint mobilisation and controlled loading will positively affect healing. 


  Fourlimb can now offer solutions to help overcome some of the challenges of ligament and tendon repair with Novalig and Novaten. We are pleased to have partnered with Novetech-Surgery, who have developed a range of implants with the specific goal of facilitating early controlled resumption of activity following ligament and tendon repair. 


The strength of the synthetic implants are well in excess of the native ligament and are secured without knots, or oversized bone tunnels and anchors. With minimally invasive surgical options, early load sharing (avoiding the additional fixation or transarticular frames), maintenance of range of motion, the optimal return to pain free normal function can be achieved.



Multiple applications can be achieved with the one system including: common calcaneal tendon repair, hip luxation, medial collateral repair of the hock, intra and extracapsular CCL repair. Novel applications include solutions for caudal cruciate ruptures and multiligament injuries. 





  Multiple studies, and published papers support the use and development of Novalig and Novaten. The UHMWPE material has proven biocompatibility. The braided structure is abrasion resistant and provides greater mechanical resistance and tissue in-growth than other similar products with free fibres.

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