New Mini Staple


During the online *MMP conferences last year it was announced that a mini staple was in development. This was great news as I have often found the existing small staple to be too big and have resorted to using a tension band wire instead. 

We’re pleased to be able to announce that this new mini staple and drill guide are now available.

* If you didn’t happen to see MMP conferences you can still watch the recordings here

Session 1: Bruce Nwadike Session 2: Scott Rutherford

How the new mini staple placement looks:
Overview of staple dimensions


Mini staple - placement guidelines

The mini staple is for use in small dogs when the current small staple is too large due inadequate bone stock or adequate placement cannot be achieved.

It requires a new staple drill guide as it uses a 1.5mm pilot hole rather than the 2mm hole for the small and standard staples.
The staple is placed at approximately 90 degrees to the long axis of the tibia.  
The drill hole in the tibial tuberosity is bicortical and ideally in the distal 1/3.
The drill hole in the tibial diaphysis is monocortical.
The drill holes should be in good quality bone stock not too close to the cranial or caudal tibial cortices or to the osteotomy/wedge (ideally 2-3mm away).
The drill holes should not be in-line with the Maquet drill hole.
Ensure a complete annulus of bone around the drill holes. Be careful with the thick periosteum of the tibial tuberosity and the popliteus muscle covering the caudal tibial cortex.

How to Order

If you would like any further information please get in touch. 
The new mini staples and drill guide and pin are available to buy online, by email or by phone. 




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