Novetech Animations



As experts in joint surgery, we have developed a range of products for all sizes of small animal. Find out below how a single instrumentation set and our portfolio of implants can help you manage an extensive range of surgical cases.



Global stifle disruption (CrCL + CdCL + Medial Collateral rupture ) with NOVALIG PLATINE®   Global stifle disruption (CrCL + CdCL rupture ) with NOVALIG®


Achilles Tendon Reconstruction with NOVATEN®



Hip Subluxation with NOVALIG®



CCL Rupture ExtraCapsular Stabilization with EXTRATAPE®



Intra articular CCL Reconstruction with NOVALIG



Arthroscopic cranial cruciate ligament repair in the dog with NOVALIG®



Cryotherapy brace with compression for dogs



Elbow Collateral Lateral Ligament Reconstruction with NOVALIG®



Patellar Tendon Reconstruction with NOVATEN®



Intra-articular caudal cruciate ligament reconstruction with NOVALIG



Patellar Tendon Reconstruction with NOVATEN®