BloodSTOP® iX Haemostatic Matrix 

Revolutionary, Resorbable, Water Soluble Haemostatic Matrix for Surgical and Topical Use. 

BloodSTOP® iX is a woven matrix of fibres consisting of water soluble, oxidized-etherified regenerated cellulose derivatives.
Upon contact with blood or fluids, BloodSTOP® iX transforms into a sticky, translucent gel that slows further diffusion of liquid molecules. BloodSTOP® iX gel exerts a pro-coagulant activity and activates the intrinsic coagulation pathway.
It is fully biocompatible and is broken down and completely absorbed by the body at rates that depend on the amount(s) placed and the availability of fluid(s) in the area(s) where it has been applied. Its complete absorbability facilitates imaging studies later, where it can no longer be confused with normal or pathological tissue.

BloodSTOP® iX is used adjunctively in surgical procedures to assist in the control of capillary, venous and small arterial haemorrhage when surgical haemostasis is inadequate or impractical. It is used to control diffuse bleeding from:
• Cut surfaces of solid organs
• Peritoneal or pleural surfaces
• Bleeding near nerves – where there is risk for cautery-induced injury
• Bleeding near any vital structures at risk for cautery-induced injury
• Bleeding from vascular structures and grafts due to suture holes
• Bleeding in exodontia and oral surgery

For Topical Applications BloodSTOP® iX Advanced Hemostat is a clinically proven to provide rapid hemorrhage control, reducing blood loss. Unlike other wound care products with the single benefit of hemostasis, BloodSTOP iX also seals the wound to prevent contamination, providing a moist wound environment for proliferation of tissue growth, making BloodSTOP iX a total wound care solution. It is an all-natural, plantbased, biocompatible, water soluble etherified sodium carboxymethyl cellulose matrix that utilizes patented technology to achieve superior hemostasis. It contains no animal, human, or added-chemical components and is very cost effective.

At the wound interface, upon contact with blood, exudates, or body fluids, BloodSTOP iX quickly turns into a transparent sticky gel, and activates the intrinsic coagulation cascade, thus accelerating clot formation. The protective gel seals the wound without irritation, and minimizes blood loss. The biocompatible gel provides an ideal environment to promote generation of new tissue growth, and reduction in scarring. For surface wound, BloodSTOP iX stays moist when covered with a secondary dressing. It rinses off easily with sterile saline or sterile water, leaving no residue and without disruption of the clot.