Novetech Surgery




Novetech Surgery provides to veterinarians a range implants for ligament and tendon repair, as well as solutions for other orthopaedic and abdominal surgery.

Inspired by what is done in human medicine our vision to treat animals as we would like to be treated.

Using the best available technology in collaboration with specialist veterinary surgeons our products and operative techniques are developed to be as minimally invasive as possible, with simple post-operative recovery and rapid return to normal function. 




Novetech Surgery is based in the Principality of Monaco and created conjointly with the MonacoTech startup program 


NOVETECH SURGERY IS THE FOUNDING PARTNER OF IGOS (Innovative Group for Orthopaedic Surgery).

IGOS is an international group allowing collaboration between surgeons enhancing scientific research on physiological orthopaedic repair using latest thechnologies.




Experts in joint surgery, we have developped a range of products for all sizes of small animal. Find out here how one set of instrumentation and our portfolio of implants can help you manage a wide range of helps you to solve the major case application you will meet.




Achilles Tendon Reconstruction with NOVATEN®

  Hip Subluxation with NOVALIG®


CCL Rupture ExtraCapsular Stabilization with EXTRATAPE®



Intra articular CCL Reconstruction with NOVALIG



Arthroscopic cranial cruciate ligament repair in the dog with NOVALIG®



Cryotherapy brace with compression for dogs