Balancing competing surgical objectives

Author: Sebastian   Date Posted:26 September 2022 


IMPeek rods can help reduce the need for compromises 


How to best balance the competing and sometimes contradictory surgical objectives is a key component in a surgeon's approach to fracture fixation. 


  IMPeek rods can help reduce the need for compromises. Allowing the surgeon to prioritise both the biological and mechanical imperatives.  


IMPeek rods are a composite of PEEK ( a thermoplastic polyetheretherketone) and carbon fibre.


In a plate rod repair of a complex fracture, placing a 70-80% intramedullary diameter IMPeek rod imparts a huge mechanical advantage.





  The rod aids fracture reduction and alignment while the plate is applied, making the repair quicker and easier, whilst enabling minimally invasive options if applicable.

Bicortical screws can be positioned optimally, drilling straight through the rod if in
the way. 





Read the linked flyer to learn more or read blog posts which discusses the surgical decision making from a climbers perspective

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