Drill Stops

These new drill stops from Orthomed allow for precise pre-measured drilling.

Available to fit three drill sizes: 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm they are easily adjustable and can be tightly screwed to the bit to allow for exact drilling lengths.

Its bullet nose shape allows for better vision of the surgical site and their use increases safety when drilling especially around areas that require accuracy and precision such as close to the spinal cord.

Note: Each size drill stop requires a 2.5mm hex screwdriver to tighten



Ilial body and/or acetabular fracture SOP™ plating

•  Limit the drill bit penetration depth into the pelvic canal and near the lumbosacral trunk


Femoral capital physeal fracture fixation

•  Limit k-wire advancement depth


Humeral intercondylar fissure/HIF or humeral condylar fracture stabilisation

•  Limit transcondylar drill bit and/or K-wire depth of penetration


MMP K-wire insertion

•  Limit K-wire insertion depth


Combined CCWO/TPLO distal K-wire placement

•  Limit K-wire proximal depth of penetration


Brand Orthomed