Linear Staplers

Our linear staplers are optimized for veterinary use and come at an attractive price point. Please see the Sizes tab for the available staplers and reloads.Large parallel jaw opening:

  • 20 mm Uniform compression and staple formation
  • Manual/Automatic tissue locating pin
  • Selection of reloads for different tissue thickness
  • Cartridge safety interlock device prevents firing of used or empty cartridges
  • Color coded handles/cartridges assures compatibility


IMPORTANT: The Green and Blue linear staplers and reloads are interchangeable. Both LSR Green and LSR Blue can be used with LS Green and both LSR Green and LSR Blue can be used with LS Blue.

Linear Stapler Cartridge Reload Closed Staple Size (mm) Staple Line Length (mm) Staple Quantity
LS 30W LSR 30W 1 32 23
White White
LS 30G LSR 30G 2 32 13
Green Green
LS 30B LSR 30B 1.5 32 13
Blue Blue
LS 45G LSR 45G 2 46 19
Green Green
LS 45B LSR 45B 1.5 46 19
Blue Blue
LS 60G LSR 60G 2 60 25
Green Green
LS 60B LSR 60B 1.5 60 25
Blue Blue
LS 90G LSR 90G 2 90 37
Green Green
LS 90B LSR 90B 1.5 90 37
Blue Blue