Straight PVC Thoracic Catheters

Argyle™ PVC Thoracic Catheters are sterile, single use, disposable thoracic catheters made of clear thermosensitive polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The catheter has numerical depth marks at 2cm increments for easy and precise positioning and the beveled connector can be cropped to form an integral funnel connector. Available in straight or right angle configurations.

  • Clear thermosensitive PVC catheter provides easy visualization of drainage characteristics
  • Radiopaque Sentinel Line™ tubing with Sentinel Eye™ catheter permits location verification by X-ray
  • Smooth side eyes and open distal tip allows consistent catheter flow and easy insertion
  • Numeric depth marks at 2cm increments facilitate precise positioning
  • Beveled connector end can be cropped to form integral funnel connector aiding in securing a leak-free connection to the patient tubing
  • Rigid, Escon tube package protects product during storage and allows for easy introduction into the sterile field
  • Sterile


Brand Covidien