Drainage Catheters (Locking Loop)

Our drainage catheters are made of biocompatible and radiopaque medical grade polymers. They have high tensile elasticity and strength, which allows for secure and long-term usage. Combination of gradually tapered catheter tip and inner stylet provides optimal and atraumatic insertion and placement. Its pigtail configuration minimizes catheter tip migration. The surface markings aid in determination of depth of insertion following catheter placement. Each sterile drainage catheter kit comes with a drainage catheter, puncture needle set and removable straightener. 

All drainage catheters are designed to be placed surgically, laparoscopically, or thoracoscopically, or with the assistance of endoscopy, ultrasound, fluoroscopy or digital radiography. They have the following uses:

  • Pleural drainage and lavage
  • Peritoneal drainage and lavage
  • Pericardial drainage
  • Cystostomy tube
  • Gastrostomy tube
  • Nephrostomy tube


Placement of locking loop catheter in pleural space following thoracoscopic subtotal pericardectomy 

*** Video courtesy of Dr. M. Martin ***


Drainage Catheter from Infiniti Medical on Vimeo.


IMDC0005FR 1.66mm 5 Fr 290mm
IMDC0006FR 2mm 6 Fr 290mm
IMDC0008FR 2.66mm 8 Fr 290mm
IMDC0010FR 3.33mm 10 Fr 290mm
IMDC0012FR 4mm 12 Fr 290mm
IMDC0014FR 4.66mm 14 Fr 290mm

Brand Infiniti Medical